The Choralist – The Two Acts

In the opening act, my colleague talks about the essential role of a Choralist in an ensemble, metaphorically implying our intent in this venture. Let me explain further.

With the explosion of our technological existence, we’re being overwhelmed with information all around us, thus making it harder to realize what is right and wrong. What is politically right leaning, left leaning, centrist or just neutral? Is there someone with an honest opinion? And who is bought and paid for? We believe that the world is an erratic place, and sometimes it is essential to connect two rather uncharacteristic things to make sense of it all. To recognize the symmetry in a seemingly more and more unsymmetrical existence.

Therefore, finally going back to what my colleague wrote, we may be just ordinary members in a single orchestra, but all we aim to achieve is opening our minds to spot harmony between a million orchestras. We aim to be choralists, on a large scale.

This portal will be shared by my colleague and I, focusing on two topics close to our heart. Sports and Politics. The format will be that of an informal discussion, with interchanging roles and no rigid structure. We’re just two people aiming to make sense of chaos in the world and spot synchronization in anarchy. Thus, trying to connect two seemingly unrelated things and try to make sense of it all. In our way. With you along the way.

While we don’t claim to go through everything and tell you what or who is accurate, we will promise you this – We will go through multiple sources and reading material, all our writing material will be original. We will rely on numerous places to sway our thought process, but it will always be our own. Always. Us.

Why do we do this? Because we hope what we find interesting and thought provoking, engages other people’s minds as well. We hope to learn as much from you, as we hope you will from us.

Do we proclaim to overawe the reader and have the ability to sway you to our rhythm? No. Will our small writing portal shake the foundation of the unchained, yet enthralling global landscape? Probably not. Would you, the reader, grow smarter as you peruse our content? We sure hope so. Is our intent to engage ourselves in some constructive discussion, and hope that you engage in it as well? Yes.


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