How to make the perfect Dream11 Football Team

In this article, I will be guiding you through the process of making the perfect football combination on Dream11.


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Steps to take:

  • Look at the league table – Wins, Losses, Goals scored, Goals conceded.
  • Look at the recent form of both teams over the last 4-6 matches.
  • Assess the home/away form of both teams.
  • Look for match previews on local websites. They give you a deeper and more accurate perspective.
  • Look at the recent form of players on both sides. Confidence is a very important thing.
  • Look at the H2H strategy the other team is likely to employ.
  • Look at the player stats. That is the most important thing.
  • Assess the playing conditions – Summer, winter, rainy, artificial surface, etc.
  • Ignore player ownership – It is totally useless!
  • Assess the previous match of both teams. Look at the substitution patterns.
  • While picking your best combination, keep things simple.


Things to keep in mind:

  • Team Formations – Team formations become very important. Try and see what shape a team is adopting. For example – A wing-back is more likely to contribute assists than a center-back. But center-backs are more likely to score goals and get more passing points. You need to be aware of manager-specific formations, tactics, and substitution trends.
  • Main players will mostly start – The major players for the teams will always start. These players will always be in your teams. Only 2-3 players will need to be shifted/changed. The core of your team will remain the same.
  • Make sure you do your background research – Background research is very important. For late-night matches, you might not be able to always make changes to your teams. So you have to be as accurate as possible while doing your initial research.
  • Your opponent also has lineups – After this new development, always assume that your opponent also has the confirmed lineups. So you have to be smart and analyze how you can gain an edge over him. Fantasy Scout 11 will help you with this.
  • Statistics become VERY important – When you and your opponent both have the teams, how do you gain the edge? Statistics of course! Compare the stats of the starting players while building your team. We will, as always, help you with this. Back World Class players to score you points in most matches – even the tough away matches.
  • Don’t overthink – Sometimes we tend to overthink. For example, if Messi and Ronaldo are on the bench, we tend to ignore them. But they are world-class players who can come off the bench and easily contribute goals and assists. Best players give the best results.
  • Warm-up injuries – Sometimes players get injured while warming up even after the confirmed lineups are out. So keep following Twitter updates for that.
  • Multiple Teams – Most of you make multiple teams in multiple fantasy websites for multiple contests and multiple matches. Once the lineups are out, you will not get enough time to make changes to all these teams. So most of your background work needs to be solid.


Final Thoughts

Your initial research is still 90% of the effort because you will only make 2-3 changes maximum to your starting XI. You will also need to be more skillful and analytical with respect to your teams because your opponent will also have the same information as you. We will try and help you out as much as possible for this journey.


Thanks for all your support. Hope this is helpful.


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