Dream11 Deadline Announcement: Impact, Strategy & Winning Tips

What has happened?

Starting today, Dream11 has decided to move its deadline to the official match start time from the previous 90-minute deadline.


What does it mean?

This means that you can now change your team combinations AFTER the lineups have been announced on social media by the respective teams (football clubs & national associations). The team can be altered right up till the match kicks-off in real time.


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Why was this change made?

  • Dream11 states that “the skill of winning on Dream11 is about picking the BEST performing players, not picking who’s going to play. By moving the deadline, we are ensuring that skill is the key factor to victory on our platform.”
  • “Also, injuries in warm-ups or random lineup changes lead to key players not playing in a match.”
  • It also states that “it makes Dream11 much more fun.”


How will it impact Dream11 players?

  • Dream11 players will now have to be very vigilant and aware of the official lineups when they are released by the respective football teams.
  • Because everyone will have access to these teams, skill and strategy will become more important.
  • Players will need to be aware of manager-specific formations, tactics and substitution trends.



How will Fantasy Scout 11 help me?

We, at Fantasy Scout, plan to counter these changes in many ways:

  • Will provide you Confirmed Lineups for All teams within 5 minutes of their release on the Website and Twitter handle. This means you will have 50-55 mins to change your teams (if at all) after looking at the confirmed starters.
  • Will provide updated best combinations (safe and risky) after analyzing the starting lineups.
  • For select matches, I will go LIVE on Youtube for 5-6 minutes to explain what strategy you can adopt once the lineups are out. Will also make some short videos which may be helpful to you people to win.
  • The confirmed lineups and updates combinations will be provided to you all for EVERY SINGLE MATCH irrespective of the time. Even if the match starts at 2 AM or 3 AM, I will be up to give you the updated lineups.
  • On my website, twitter and youtube channel, I will give you some insights and tips into what strategy, formation and tactics the manager will employ in the match. This will be helpful to you while making your team.
  • Telegram and Instagram channels will be opened soon for more help.


How should my strategy change after this new development?

I feel there are some things you should keep in mind to counter this new development:

  • DONT PANIC – No need to Panic! Nothing much will change. Only 2-3 players will need to be shifted/changed. The core of your team will remain the same.
  • Main players will mostly start – The major players for the teams will always start. These players will always be in your teams. Only some smaller players will need to shift (if at all). So 90% of your team will remain the same.
  • Make sure you do your background research – Background research is very important. For late night matches, you will not be able to always make changes to your teams. So you have to be as accurate as possible while doing your initial research.
  • Your opponent also has lineups – After this new development, always assume that your opponent also has the confirmed lineups. So you have to be smart and analyze how you can gain an edge over him. Fantasy Scout 11 will help you with this.
  • Team Formations – Team formations become very important. Try and see what shape a team is adopting. For example – A wing-back is more likely to contribute assists than a centre-back. We will help you with this.
  • Statistics become VERY important – When you and your opponent both have the teams, how do you gain the edge? Statistics ofcourse! Compare the stats of the starting players while building your team. We will, as always, help you with this.
  • Don’t overthink – Sometimes we tend to overthink. For example, if Messi and Ronaldo are on the bench, we tend to ignore them. But they are world class players who can come off the bench and easily contribute goals and assists. Best players give best results.
  • Warm-up injuries – Sometimes players get injured while warming up even after the confirmed lineups are out. So keep following Twitter updates for that.
  • Multiple Teams – Most of you make multiple teams in multiple fantasy websites for multiple contests and multiple matches. Once the lineups are out, you will not get enough time to make changes to all these teams. So most of your background work needs to be solid.


Final Thoughts

These changes to the Dream11 deadline will need you to be more vigilant once the lineups are out. But, your initial research is still 90% of the effort because you will only make 2-3 changes maximum to your starting XI. You will also need to be more skilful and analytical with respect to your teams because your opponent will also have the same information as you. We will try and help you out as much as possible for this new journey.


Thanks for all your support. Hope this is helpful.

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