Act Three – The Oddity of the US Presidential Elections

A Democratic View

Bernie. Emails. Hillary.

It seems that the last article written by Rakshit was exactly what the Kosovo regiment needed to push it over the edge, from the shadows of international obscurity to Olympic Gold Medal winners. As Majlinda Kelmendi won her gold medal in Judo, it was an uplifting moment in an event shaded by corruption, protests and political infighting.

Unfortunately though, the Rio Olympics is not the only event happening right now rife with corruption, protests and political infighting.

As the race for the next US President enters its final throes, one thing is for certain. It will get far worse, before it gets any better. With the conventions over, and televised national debates on the way, this race keeps on getting uglier by the minute. What makes 2016 unique is that this election was and is marred by internal conflict within the two parties, as opposed to engagement against one another.

Ironically,  even after securing their nominations, before we pitted Mr. Trump against Mrs. Clinton, political pundits and the media greatly focused on ‘The Democrats (mostly Bernie supporters) vs. HRC’ and ‘The GOP vs. Trump’. Since we already did a Republican take (largely focusing on Trump), I think understanding the chaos within the Democrats is prudent.

With the Democrats clearly divided between the millennials voting for Mr. Bernie Sanders and the older voters preferring Mrs. Clinton, the kind of support received by Mr. Sanders’s campaign was nothing short of extraordinary. Spurred by ballooning student debt, a sheepishly growing economy which hindered good jobs out of college and the revolutionary ideas to change a rigged system, Mr. Sanders ‘sparrowed’ via the young vote in a tight race with Mrs. Clinton. Or so it seemed.

State after state, even when it seemed to be a close race, Mrs. Clinton surged ahead and comfortably won the primaries to secure the nomination. Poised to accept the nomination at the DNC convention, just four days before, all hell broke loose.

Wikileaks, the cyber activists, released a swarm of leaked emails from the DNC mail exchange server, that showed bias against Mr. Sanders. Targeting his religious beliefs, hints of money funneled to support the Clinton Campaign, was the last straw for Bernie supporters. At the convention in Philadelphia, the Bernie or Bust campaign was in full flow.

One thing the leaked emails clearly portrayed was the unfairness by Mrs. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the DNC chair at the time. Time and again, the emails exchanged by her within the DNC showed how she played to marginalize Mr. Sanders. By opening day of the convention, even before she could gavel to begin proceedings, she was routinely booed and forced to resign thereafter.

While it is clear that Mrs. Clinton did get more votes than Mr. Sanders, yet an impending ‘what might’ve been’ will loom over this democratic primary.

It is a historic achievement that a woman, for the first time in US History, is running for the highest office in the land. But the ways and means to reach there have been dubious at best. People often say they cannot stand the politically incorrect route by Mr. Trump to secure the nomination on the right, but it is interesting to observe the cunning, and perhaps cut-throat route taken by Mrs. Clinton.

The American voter does have a difficult choice – The Unpredictable Attention Seeker or the Cunning Vixen?

The oddity of the 2016 Presidential Elections indeed.


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