Act Thirty Three – Two deaths that broke the Internet: Chris Cornell and Roger Ailes

Chris Cornell looks on

Two deaths broke the internet yesterday. But for entirely different reasons. As the day progressed, news filtered in that Chris Cornell and Roger Ailes passed away on a fateful Thursday morning.


Contrasting Legacies

The two deaths were met with contrasting reactions from users on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. While Cornell was the cornerstone of the “Grunge Rock Movement” in the 1990s, Ailes founded the much-maligned Fox News Network around the same time.

While Cornell captured the imagination of thousands of fans all over the world as part of bands Soundgarden and Audioslave, the Ailes-led Fox News Network has continued to spew venom – a calculated distortion of truth – every single day since its founding in 1996.


While the Washington Post described Cornell as “a mesmerizing frontman with a flowing mane and piercing blue eyes, who was best known for that throaty, multi-octave voice”, the same paper described Ailes as a man who “acted as a workplace mentor to young female employees, then pressured them for sex in exchange for advancement.”


The contrast between the two could not be starker.

Rest In Peace Chris Cornell.

Dine In Hell Roger Ailes.

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