Act Seven – The Silent Majority

August is a special time.

Not only does it mark the end of a hot summer, but mid-august onward, a year round whirlwind of football leagues around Europe signal the beginning of the greatest adrenaline rush known (at least to us fanatics).

I think Rakshit very succinctly captured the excitement of the opening day of the English Premier League today. Not only did it get my out of my bed at 730AM to catch the telecast on the US East coast, but pushed me to rekindle the connections I had lost over the summer with all my soccer buddies. It was a fun day.

But the same emotions of joy aren’t being shared by a whole lot of people. Especially in the US. Especially in the Trump Camp.

It’s been a truly horrible couple of weeks for Mr. Trump. From insulting Mr. Khan’s family, a war veteran who served in Afghanistan, to calling Mr. Obama the founder of the Islamic State (literally). Moreover, he’s been tanking in all the polls against Mrs. Clinton, who shows no signs of backing down against Mr. Trump whenever she can.

Which brings me to the title. The Silent Majority.

If this hasn’t happened to you already, let me paint you a picture. You’re in high school or college, and the elections for the student council are underway. You discuss with everyone around you, all your friends and study groups about who they’re voting for. Everyone, of course is voting for Mr. Popular top-of-the-class athlete. He’s the right choice, and the most popular choice. Moreover, as with human tendencies, everybody wants to follow the herd and not be a loner shunned aside, a person who voted for Mr. Arrogant two-faced know-it-all.

So you, and everyone you know go ahead and vote for Mr. Popular.

But lo and behold. At the results, Mr. Arrogant is announced the winner of the elections, garnering the most number of votes. Everyone you know voted for Mr. Popular, and everyone is baffled, since apparently, no one voted for the other person. How did that happen?

The logical explanation is that a lot of people said they were voting for Mr. Popular, but voted instead for Mr. Arrogant.

This is what is called the Silent Majority. They don’t reveal themselves, but in reality they are the actual majority.

Now consider this happening on a National Scale. If you’re thinking this will never happen with Clinton and Trump, historically speaking, you’re mistaken. Exploited by Calvin Coolidge in his run for the presidency in 1919, and coined as ‘The Silent Majority’ by Richard Nixon in 1969, this is a group of people who do not share their political views publicly.

Therefore, it is prudent that the Democratic party and Mrs. Clinton heed these points carefully:

  1. Don’t bet against this happening. It has and could happen again
  2. Don’t rely on the polls. They only result in complacency.
  3. Don’t take swings at Mr. Trump’s mistakes. Focusing on the right things is the only way to ensure against a silent majority.
  4. Arsenal

Rakshit, I’ll see you with the next article.

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