Act One – The Oddity of the US Presidential Elections

A Republican View

Guns. Reagan. Trump

The air is thick with the 2016 US Presidential elections. That’s what everyone is talking about. That’s what is on everybody’s mind. That’s also what, for some people at least, the reason they can’t sleep at night. It’d be foolish to read a writing venture focused on politics, that does not address the elephant in the room.

Before you expect any Trump ridicule, we must make something clear. We are not pro-republican or pro-democrat. Not conservative or liberal. What we are, are two individuals who are trying to find harmony amidst chaos. True, there is far more chaos in the US elections, than there is harmony, but to seek synchronization, we must understand the chaos. What’s causing it, who’s causing it and is there any way out?

No one expected the 2016 US Presidential race to go this way. About 36 months ago, the mainstream media had already pegged the race as ‘Bush v. Clinton’ II. Although they got half of that correct, what’s odd is the other half that they got wrong.

Donald Trump literally came out of nowhere. But make no mistake, more than 13 million people voted for him. You don’t become the nominee for the President of the United States without people voting for you.

So how did so many people vote for him, or rather, why did they? The answer is bound with simple logic. Marketing.

The people that voted for him, registered republicans, have largely watched him on his hit TV show, “The Apprentice”. This is clear by the fact that those voters who did watch the show favor him by 28 points over Clinton and those who don’t favor Clinton by 15 points. Secondly, and most important, Mr. Trump is a behemoth of rallying up crowds. He knows his audience and panders to them.

I personally went to a Trump rally in Rochester, upstate NY. It was a 2 hour long speech. Of course, people got bored intermittently. But the moment they did, he rallied them up with cries of ‘We’re gonna build a wall’, ‘Radical Islam is the real threat’. Mr. Trump is not ignorant or dumb. The one thing he does know, is his average voter. Who doesn’t love pandering? I’ll admit it, if I were raised up with largely conservative values, in a largely conservative state, with outrage in the post 9/11 era, I’d probably be a Trump supporter right about now. (That is not to say everyone who fits that description is a Trump supporter).

Finally, the one thing Mr. Trump understands is that largely, people don’t connect with politicians who make mundane speeches about policy. Largely, it’s easier for people to understand ‘Make America Great Again’ (easy to understand, who doesn’t want that?), and ‘Radical Islam is a threat’ (sure it is, we need to educate, make people aware….bored already?). One look at the RNC convention, and the number of people who watched it (way more than the DNC convention viewers), and you realize, people are not huge fans of politics. That’s why they elect politicians. To politick for them.

Mr. Trump is crude. But he’s not dumb. He’s a smart man, who’s found his way to the Presidential Nomination. Makes me wonder – is he actually a racist? Or pretending to be one?

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